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Our high quality spunlace fabric is well entangled and lint free with strong dust-absorbing capacity, suitable to make industrial, household and medical wipers.

Our fabric is good in uniformity, soft feeling, strength, absorbance and assured safety. It does not scratch the surface while used in wipers.  Our high sanitary standard eliminates irritation to skin, also suitable for medical bandage, gauze and other disposables.

The materials we use for spunlace fabric include viscose, polyester, composite and split fiber. We also use bamboo fiber and corn fiber for higher grade, environmental friendly fabrics, dissoluble in water.  The unit weight of our fabric ranges from 30 gsm to 100 gsm, with a roll width of 10 cm to 225 cm.

Our thermal bond and air through fabric is on high demand for baby diaper, sanitary napkin and pantiliner. The unit weight of our thermal bond and air through fabric ranges from 18 gsm to 50 gsm, of general, functional and acquisition distribution layer types. In addition to the usual fibers of viscose, PP and ES, we also add bamboo and corn fiber made fabric to our higher end organic products.

Our conversion factory is equipped with ultrasonic face mask line, cubic mask line, bouffant cap machine, shoe cover machine, sponge folding machine (using spunlace nonwoven), multi-roll winding and perforating machine, paper–plastic composite apron machine, underpad machine, wet wipe machine and sterilization machine. The factory has 100k and 300k grade sterilized and air conditioned workshops for high sanitary standards. Our main converted products are disposable surgical package, non-woven face mask, bouffant cap, medical sponge (spunlace non-woven),surgical gown, underpad, protection gown, experiment gown, underpant, bed sheet, bed cover, suit cover, shopping bag, dry and wet wipes, most of which are exported to America, Europe, Japan, and South Asia.



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