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Beijing Dayuan and Dong Fang Dayuan Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, are major roll goods manufacturers in China 's booming nonwoven industry with a highly reputable track record.  Since founding, we have been an industry leader by constantly improving our management and products. We were the first Chinese nonwoven manufacturer certified with ISO9001 in 1997.

We own a complete spunlace production line imported from France and Germany . Our production capacity reaches 4500 tons per year, in which 70% of the products are exported.  As well known, DDN’s spunlace rolls are of DuPont quality.  Currently, we are expanding our annual spunlace capacity to 10,000 tons.

We are one of the largest Chinese thermal bond and air through nonwoven manufacturers with four air through lines and one European thermal bond line, reaching a total annual capacity of 12000 tons. We are adding a new air through line of 3000 tons per year to increase our total annual capacity to 15,000 tons by 2010.

We also manufacture nonwoven based disposables, such as wipes, shopping bags and medical articles: gowns, drapes, facemasks, caps, shoe covers and gauzes.

We are located in the western suburbs of Beijing , only 80 miles from the major Chinese seaport of Tianjin.

We have an overseas sales office in Houston , Texas USA to serve our international customers.



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